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ME60 Series
Condition:Brand New Sealed
ME60-X16 basic configuration (including ME60-X16 chassis / dual master / four 200G switching networks / eight AC power supplies, excluding software costs and data)
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Standard 5-12 days
  • Large Capacity
    Developed based on a 2T platform, with the industry’s largest capacity routing line cards (480G) plus large capacity Network Address Translation (NAT) service line cards (160G).
  • High Reliability
    Stable operation of services is guaranteed with device-, network-, and service-level reliability and innovative multiple-device hot backups.
  • Full-Service Access
    Unified platform for user access and management with full support for various access services, including IPoX, PPPoX, 802.1x, and web authentication.
Public Patch And Service Package
Version and Patch Number Type Publication Date
ME60 V800R009C10SPC200 Version and Patch Number 2017-09-30
ME60 V800R010C10SPC500 Version and Patch Number 2018-08-29
ME60 V600R007SPH090 Patch Number 2017-07-05
ME60 V600R008SPH091 Patch Number 2018-09-11
ME60 V600R008SPH102 Patch Number 2019-03-15
ME60 V600R009SPH065 Patch Number 2019-05-20
ME60 V800R009SPH057 Patch Number 2018-10-30
ME60 V800R009SPH067 Patch Number 2019-02-02
ME60 V800R010SPH052 Patch Number 2019-05-08