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XWIFI has been operating in Zhongguancun for many years in Beijing. It is committed to “data equipment suppliers” and aims to provide users with high-quality products and campus network solutions by integrating market advantages through efficient supply chains. At present, the service covers the whole world, has a number of cooperative dealers, and provides excellent equipment services for partners.

XWIFI adhere to customer-centric business philosophy, committed to the construction of basic network services, to create innovative competitive advantage, and increase market share. XWIFI currently has with several well-known brands to establish a strategic partnership level, the business scope covers switches, routers, firewalls and other network products, can fully meet the individual consumer, SME users to the individual needs of the industry-level users.

Through a sound sales system, XWIFI combines IoT applications, technological innovation in AI artificial intelligence, and the development trend of big data and cloud services to enhance global business development and create a good cooperation environment for eco-sphere partners. The thinking mode upgrades the traditional business model to provide users with more comprehensive and competitive solutions to achieve efficient business development.

Efficiency is a core value of XWIFI. XWIFI believe that the pursuit of business efficiency is the fundamental law of business development, focus on business is XWIFI constant strategic choice. More effective customer service and create better operational efficiency.

At the same time, XWIFI follow the development path "from traditional retail to online e-commerce", and further broaden the coverage, to further refine the business, selling to middlemen concept gradually deepened. It can help partners to reduce operating costs, improve comprehensive competitiveness, and bring new profit growth points.